147th Annual A.O.H. Saint Patrick’s Celebration

In our 147th consecutive year, the Ancient Order of Hibernians are proud to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Indianapolis, Indiana. Join the Kevin Barry Division on March 12th, 2017 for an Irish American Extravaganza!

The day will begin at 9:30 AM at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. St. John’s was built by Irish immigrants fleeing the Famine in Ireland and was host to many early Hibernian activities. At its central location in downtown Indianapolis, St. John’s Catholic Church is the place that many Irish Catholic Hoosiers call home.

At St. John’s, we will assemble for a combined A.O.H/L.A.O.H. 2017 photo with A.O.H. photographer, Mr. Tim Hill. After the photo, we will gather for a solemn “Blessing of the Celtic Cross” in the garden outside the church. The Celtic Cross at St. John’s was a gift of the Kevin Barry Division to commemorate the many Irish who came before us to make Indianapolis their home. After the blessing, we will congregate again in the old cathedral for an Irish Catholic Mass.

After the Mass, hundreds of Hibernians and their families will march proudly under our banners up Capitol Avenue in our annual Hibernian Parade, led by the Cathedral High School Marching Band. The parade will take us a few blocks to the Indiana Roof Ballroom where we will convene for one of the most delightful banquets and award ceremonies in the State of Indiana. Musical entertainment at the banquet will include the St. Patrick’s Day Rogues Pipe and Drum band and Celtic fiddler, Emily Ann Thompson! Indianapolis’ very own radio voice personality, Mr. Vince Eagan, will emcee.

We have quite a show planned and we want you to join us! Even if you’re not a Hibernian – even if you’re not Irish or Catholic – please give us a call and make your reservation. We would love to have you. Come see what folks mean when they talk about incredible Irish hospitality!

Call Mr. John Hegarty (317.446.5631) to make your reservation today. Adults are $35 and kids are only $16. Start the week off right with Indiana’s premier leader of the Irish community, the Kevin Barry Division #3, Ancient Order of Hibernians!

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